Immediate Relief
First Phase
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In the first and Immediate Phase, PMSSS reached out to the tsunami affected people in 51 villages by distributing relief materials which included cooked food, food grains, condiments, toiletries, clothing, beddings, utensils and vessels to the tune of Rs. 3 crores.
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Second Phase
In phase two, 20 villages were identified for long term livelihood support. They are 9 Villages in Puducherry (Kanagachettikulam, Periyakalapet, Chinnakalapet, Solainagar North, Solainagar South, Vaithikuppam, Kurusukuppam, Vambakeerapalayam and Chinnaveerampattinam) 3 in Karaikal (Kotucherrymedu, Keezhakasakudimedu and Pattinacherry) and 8 in Cuddalore (Subauppalavadi, Thazhanguda, Devanampattinam, Cuddalore OT, Sonankuppam, Singarathope, Akkaraigori and Sothikuppam). Among these, Devanampattinam in Cuddalore assumed special importance owing to several reasons.
Devanampattinam is a big village with a population of more than 9000. It was also the worst hit by the tsunami with 101 casualities. As a big village, Devanampattinam's position held the key to the destiny of around 62 neighbouring coastal hamlets. The village attracted national attention with the arrival of filmstar Vivek Oberoi the very next day after the tsunami. After having stayed with the people for a few days, feeding them and providing them with 82 temporary shelters, he quit the scene never to appear again. His exit was an anti-climactic end to the huge wave of expectations and media attention. Subsequently a couple of non governmental organizations tried to intervene and raise the tempo but to no avail.
Under these circumstances, PMSSS, unmindful of the oft-quoted excuse, “Fools rush where angels fear to dread”, was willing to play a helpful role. The District Collector Mr.Gagandeep Singh Bedi, I.A.S., invited PMSSS to address the needs of the people of Devanampattinam since the situation was posing a big challenge to the District Administration. Having received this special invitation PMSSS ushered in a diverse array of rehabilitation and livelihood activities in Devanampattinam and subsequently in 19 other villages.


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