Field offices
The first step in the modus operandi of the PMSSS was the setting up of field offices in all the 20 villages. Each of these served as an extended office of the PMSSS with necessary infrastructure and three main officers - i.e an animator, a psycho-social support provider and an Information and Communication Technology [ICT] staff. The preliminary activity of the staff was to do a survey of the village by Participatory Research Appraisal [PRA].
Kanagachettikulam Subauppalvady Kottucherrymedu
Periyakalapet Thazhanguda Keezhakasakudimedu
Chinnakalapet Devanampattinam Pattinacherry
Kurusukuppam Akkaraigori  
Vaithikuppam Sonankuppam  
Solainagar North Singarathope  
Solainagar South Sothikuppam  
Chinnaveerampattinam Cuddalore OT  



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