Solid Waste Management
Awareness campaigns on hygiene through street theatre, film show, puppet show and sensitization workshops were conducted in all the villages. As the coastal villages were away from the town, disposal of solid waste was posing a real problem. The only solution the fisher folk could think of was to burn or dump them in some place which caused health hazards.
On an experimental basis, Periyakalapet in Puducherry was selected for a solid waste management project.The SHGs in that village came forward to take up this project. After a thorough training on solid waste management, they started the process of garbage collections, segregation and composting.
A minidor was provided to them for transport and the salary of the driver is taken care of by the SHGs. The project has turned out to be a success. Solid waste management is being taken up in collaboration with EXNORA in a large scale in the new construction site with 648 houses at Devanampattinam.
Project cost : Rs. 5,13,204/-



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