Skill Training
Next, PMSSS turned its eyes to the young boys, girls and women who had to be engaged in some activities to keep themselves busy lest they should be brooding over the tragedies of the past. Hence, training centres for computer education and tailoring were opened.
computer  computer
Computer Training
Project Cost: Rs. 22,65,822/-
Tailoring Training
Project Cost: Rs. 3,44,435/-
Children of fisher folk normally took to fishing related activities since these were the only trades known to them and readily available to them. But tsunami has slightly changed the scenario.
One would say that tsunami was perhaps a blessing in disguise as adversity is now being turned into opportunity for these fisher folk.
Skills aptitute survey was conducted and opportunities are being provided in Driving, AC Mechanic, Elect rician, TV Mechanic, Auto Mobile, Cell Phone servicing, Wheel Alignment, Weldding, HCL etc., in collaboration with CII.
Project Cost: Rs. 9,53,705/-



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