Community Mobilization

PMSSS' next concern is Community Organisation. Building up a community is far more important than building houses with bricks and mortar. Earlier i.e., prior to tsunami, in spite of the strenuous efforts to bring the fishermen folk into the New Thrust Programme sponsored by the Tamil Nadu Social Service Society (TASOSS) for women, farmers and fishermen, PMSSS could hardly mobilize a single Self Help Group in these fisher folk villages. It is tsunami that provided an entry point for PMSSS to form 538 Self Help Groups consisting of 9803 members in all the 20 target villages. Interest free loans were given to 7913 members @ Rs. 3,000/- each, payable in easy instalments of Rs. 100/- per month in order to help them start self employment programmes. Revolving funds were given to 300 physically challenged members of 22 Self Help Groups.

The loans repaid by the members will be revolved among new groups. Charities Aid Foundation [CAF] India had generously contributed Rs.42,00,000/- towards revolving fund for SHGs. The members have now acquired the habit of saving and as on date they have savings of Rs.61,35,100/- one could see a sense of pride on their faces on that score. Management training, Leadership training are periodically provided to the Self Help Group members in all the 20 villages.

As a matter of fact these Self Help Groups which were initially formed with the immediate view of helping them with financial subsidy to start income generating projects, are now gradually advancing their levels, regional level and state level federations thus consolidating themselves into a strong and wide family and empowering themselves to address the challenges of the future.

Project Cost (SHGs) : Rs. 2,20,21,000/-

Project Cost (Physically Challenged) : Rs. 19,70,000/-




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