Community Based Disaster Preparedness
The next concern of PMSSS is Disaster Preparedness. Loss of lives can be minimized to a maximum extent and people will not be caught unawares if they are prepared for disasters. Hence, a maiden attempt was made by PMSSS in the august presence of Shri.M.M.Lakhera, the Lt. Governor of Puducherry, for 80 members of its staff to undergo a two days training in disaster preparedness through Sarista Foundation, Mumbai who are known for their expertise in this area.
The Sarista group chose four villages in the regions of Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Karaikal and imparted practical training and awareness to the people to be prepared for any disaster in future.
First Aid boxes have been supplied to all the 20 field offices. Disaster preparedness training was conducted for 1289 children during summer camps in all 20 villages. Activity books relating to disaster preparedness were distributed. Five Life Jackets have also been given to each of the 20 village centers and demonstration was conducted for 35 youths at sea.
The fisher folk of Cuddalore region have been given 1706 Life Jackets. Rescue teams consisting of 20 members have been formed in all the villages. The team is further divided into early warning team, search, rescue and evacuation team, first aid team, water and sanitation team and temporary shelter team.



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